summer 2015, in Berlin at  Berlinische Galerie

summer 2015, in Berlin at Berlinische Galerie




Tina is a passionate designer + illustrator + patternmaker that graduated ArtCenter College of Design in summer 2017. She not only has a passion for her pattern based painting, most importantly her later developed interest for textile design. She enjoys creating patterns by using simple geometrical shapes and different line weight both digitally and analogously. She's a firm believer of "you can simply get to know a person just by looking at the pattern they wear". Everyone needs a little pattern in their life. 

Other than her extreme passion for pattern making, she is also a weekend hiker, NOT a runner, occasional baker, pizza addict, power-lift enthusiast and a professional bathroom singer. 

On a lazy Sunday night, she enjoys Netflix and Pizza on the sofa with her boyfriend and their 11 months old GSD – Protein. 


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*Resume available upon request.
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